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With genuine clinical support and a company ethos backed our Tried, Tested and True policy, My Perfect Cosmetics Company manufactures advanced age-correction products for both men and women with hectic lifestyles, bridging the gap between the salon and department store.

The company itself came into the industry back in 2004 and was started by native Brit and long-term resident of Australia, Penny Lane. Initially designed to combat the harsh environmental factors associated with the Australian outdoors way of life, My Perfect Cosmetics Company today tackles major ageing issues, including sun damage, with its range of impressive anti-ageing products.

Our skin care products have been developed in conjunction with leading dermatologists and scientists, created to deliver instant and visible results without any downtime. From day one, our company has always sought to introduce clinically proven products, with breakthrough formulations, which will foster confidence and help our customers look and feel young again.

The range currently includes our internationally famous high performance anti-ageing wrinkle cream, an instant face-lift kit, a revolutionary range of highly targeted skincare products as well as a sonic facial cleansing brush.

My Perfect Cosmetics Company currently has operational bases in Australia and England, where we remain dedicated to empowering women and men globally to grow old gracefully, through delivering a collection of hard-working and effective products that stand by our primary mission statement of being Tried, Tested and True.

My Perfect Cosmetics Company is all about real results achieved by real men and women just like you. It will come as no surprise then that at least one bottle of My Perfect Eyes is sold every 60 seconds across the world.

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